Woodland reared Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs

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About the Breed

Our Pigs

The Oxford Sandy & Black Pig sometimes referred to as the “Plum Pudding or Oxford Forest Pig” is one of the oldest British pig breeds, it has existed for 200-300 years. A traditional farmers and cottagers pig, of the middle part of the country, especially around Oxfordshire. It seems to be closely linked to the old Berkshire and Tamworth.


The breed is noted for its many qualities, particularly its excellent temperament and mothering abilities. Generally prolific, the Oxford will function well under most management systems, and produces meat of very high quality and flavour.

We aim to produce pork that is special and of high quality. To achieve this we rear our pigs from 8 weeks old in mixed woodland on the farm. Woodland is the natural habitat for pigs and you only have to see them to understand why. The pigs main diet is GM free nuts, supplemented with cows whey from Dorset Blue Vinny. This provides the pigs with a high quality protein that is not in the nuts, increasing their overall health and well being. An added bonus of feeding the pigs goats whey is that it increases the quality of the end product, making the meat tender and full of flavour.


Currently we have 10 sows and 1 boar. Although we are looking to increase our stock to produce more pork for you to eat!