Woodland reared Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs

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About us

Sam's Pigs is run at Locke Farm in West Dorset by the Holloway Family, Sam, Rob and Mandie. The Holloway family have farmed at Locke for over a century and the 400 acre plot has not changed much in that time. Natural oak woodland remains in areas and although crop fields have changed to pastureland, the landscape remains much the same.  The farm was dairy until 1998, where the downturn in dairy farming led to the difficult decision of selling the herd.  The beef herd was purchased soon after and had been the only livestock on the farm before Sam’s Pigs began in February 2011.


For Christmas 2010, Sam received the first issue of Practical Pigs from Father Christmas and started the idea of getting some pigs on the farm.  After reading the magazine from cover to cover, we started researching the rare breeds to see which would suit us. The Oxford Sandy & Black, caught our attention very quickly, with many attractive attributes including being a more tasty, traditional and visually pleasing pig.


We purchased our first weaners in February 2011, two gilts for breeding and three boars to rear through for pork.  Since then, Sam’s Pigs has gone from strength to strength with an ever increasing customer base and promising business partnerships developing along the way.


We now sell a range of sausages, pork joints and cuts direct from the farm and local stores; please take a look at our produce page in the menu above.


Sam, Rob and Mandie